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About Us

The company was established in 2016.

IK Company is proud to have very successful projects.

We participated in a number of activities related to Tango-Controls SCADA and DCS system. Our company has made a significant contribution into the evolution of the system from redesigning the web-site and organizing community events to improving the code base and documentation. We took part in upgrading workflow and tools, reverse engineering and improving implementation and design quality of the code base and researching a strategy for the future Tango-Controls evolution.

We continue to collaborate with Tango-Controls as well as to open new horizons making new contracts with e.g. Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht.

Our mission is to simplify scientific experiments providing high quality consulting in the field of software development.

Today the company is growing, extending both its customer base and staff.

Our Projects

Waltz-Controls is a set of projects with main goal to provide lightweight easy-to-use front-end system for a number of Controls-Systems (Tango-Controls, EPICS, TINE, DOOCS, DataForge etc) as well as integration layer with 3rd party systems.

Waltz-Controls is designed with Reactive manifesto in mind and will provide next generation approach for developing SCADA system of any scale at any field.

Waltz GUI platform

A subproject of Waltz-Controls. A general purpose web frontend application that provides the interface between the Tango Controls, EPICS and TINE systems and the scientific users who define and calibrate their experiments.

Waltz GitHub page
Piazza project

A subproject of Waltz-Controls. An open source interconnection platform which will give the possibility of an agile approach to software development. 

The main idea of this platform is to make it possible for different control systems to communicate with each other. Data from one control system will be accessible for other control systems. There will be no need to know each SCADA system to operate it because this interconnection platform will provide a general way of communication between SCADA systems.

Piazza project is a set of components that can be easily integrated via the core component – Magix.

Magix GitHub page
Yoke project

A subproject of Waltz-Controls. Long term perspective. 

The goal of the project is to make it possible to use native software tools to operate hardware controlled by foreign control systems.

Tango REST API specification and implementation

A bridge between Tango Controls and HTTP. This can be used to implement integration of Tango Controls with 3rd party products using http protocol instead of Tango Controls protocol.

REST API specification

We love to help others and make their lives easier. 

Among our duties are analysis, data reorganization and, of course, software design, architecture and implementation.

We are proud to mention the following projects:

– Developing a strategy of Tango Controls kernel future evolution taking into account specific features of Tango Controls. New communication protocols were proposed reckoning with resources involved in the development. 

– Participation in Kernel Tango Controls development and refactoring.

– Tango Controls web site and documentation redesign and restructure.

Organization of scientific / programming conferences

We are always happy to find new friends and organization of conferences is one of our ways.

IK Company was honoured to organise:

Tango Controls meeting for Russian users, 2017

The 34th annual Tango Controls meeting 


Some practical notes on the following topics.



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